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Martyred Soldier Grave Surprises Public Watch Clip

Martyred Soldier Grave Surprises Public Watch Clip

People were surprised, a fresh body 22 years before martyred soldier seen in his grave. It was a miracle of the Quran, the people of God shown. The proof of Allah’s word in the Koran which, martyr never dies. People also feel that the presence of the martyrs in the cemetery to make the whole place was filled with scent of a strange smell. It was very pleasant to feel.

Martyred Soldier Grave Surprises Public Watch Clip

The people were surprised that the bodies of the martyrs Lot seen in his grave. They searched the house of the soldiers near the cemetery and informed them. Everyone in the entire village gathered around the blessed person of Allah. He was visited by several people and then buried again.

According to the research of experts, each living body starts to decompose after a certain time in his grave. The body of the martyr soldier in his grave had proved the research wrong. The people witnessed the body in the cemetery itself.

A martyr soldier in a graveyard is the reason the mercy of everyone in his surroundings. Each grave near him is a part of Jannah. The whole family of the martyr will be forgiven by the mercy of God on Judgment Day. Allah bless all in the vicinity of the martyrs who had given his life for Allah.

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Anyone who his life in the path of Allah is a martyr for his nation. Allah has promised in the Qur’an that the grave of each martyr will become a reason for mercy for many others. His grave will remain fresh forever. The body of the martyred soldiers was a true testament to the promise of Allah to the Muslims.

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