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Married Couple at Waqar Zaka show Passenay Chot Gaye

Married Couple at Waqar Zaka show Passenay Chot Gaye

وقار زکا کا ان میاں بیوی کو کیسا خطرناک ٹاسک کہ دونوں کے پسینے چھوٹ گئے،دیکھیں آخر میں کیا ہوا

It was Pakistan’s first dare reality show. Among the Pakistani TV shows it will be remembered for its revolutionary eye catching content that led it to be the highest rated show among house wives and the youth. It is also the most viewed reality show of Pakistan on social media, having number of viral videos.

Married Couple at Waqar Zaka show Passenay Chot Gaye

Waqar Zaka the creator of the show rubber stamped the cult following by creating his own hand sign. This hand sign went on to become the official Logo which he asked the contestants to make while taking the OATH prior to competition. The show started with the tag line “Ordinary doing the extraordinary”. In 2002 during its first episodes, it started off as a street dare show where Waqar Zaka used to give dares to random people walking on the streets of Pakistan.

The show was an instant hit as it was the first of its kind in Pakistan. It was also the first reality show where the host himself, Waqar Zaka actually did the dares. Unlike similar themed shows, such as Fear Factor, Waqar was an active participant in all of the dares, even going as far as kissing a deadly cobra and having 40 poisonous scorpions placed in his mouth.

The show started the concept of performing dares with unknown people walking on the street, e.g. Host asked the contestant to get phone number of unknown girl, convince an unknown guy to dance on street, etc… In 2002, this was a new trend for TV not just in Pakistan, but around the world. Even though this was revolutionary it did not quite catch on. It should have taken a more western view towards the show. Hello you

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