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Man Murder his Family in Honour badly Arrested

Man Murder his Family in Honour badly Arrested
بیٹے نے اپنی ہی ماں اور بہن کو جسم فروشی کرنے پر قتل کر دیا،دیکھیں دل دہلانے والی کہانی

Man takes lives of mother and sister in India when he feels something wrong about their lives. He did it on 19 September when he got help from two of his friends. It was the Sumit Kumar who did all this with this mother and sister.


According to resources of media, he had allegation over his sister and mother as they were involved in some wrong profession. He further added as she had started their business in their own home which was not accepted for him at all. According to him, he further told to media he also warned them as it would give harmful result if they did not stop this.

He said when he saw they were not stopping this practice he had to take this step to save his respect. He further said as his mother was responsible for dragging his 16 year sister which was really innocent. He further said as his mother did not hear to him when he asked him to stop all this.

He further told to police during interrogation as his mother was also involved in the death of his father. According to him, he was very simple and she wanted to get rid from him. She gave him poison in the milk and he could not revive after drinking milk.

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