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Man Got 5000 Volt Electric Shock Must Watch Video

Man Got 5000 Volt Electric Shock Must Watch Video

As the use of batteries with voltages greater than 300 volts becomes more commonplace with the growing popularity of electric and hybrid electric vehicles, there is a risk that the public are so used to relatively cheap 12 volt batteries, the risks associated with underestimated higher voltage traction batteries. Electric shocks account for about 1% of all fatal accidents, especially for people who should know better.

Man Got 5000 Volt Electric Shock Must Watch Video

This page describes the dangers and describes some safety precautions, working with high voltage batteries.

Electric Shock

A physiologist can the body than doing an electrical network, passing tiny nerve signals allows us all the essential things that we do as much as breathing like to think and move to see. Its function can tear through the presence of a foreign power. The body also contains a network of channels, the transport of oxygen to the muscles and the brain in a salt-containing solvent mentioned blood by the way a good medium for conducting current.

To charge the battery but the body is only an electrolyte containing isolated sac. See also nerve impulses.

Despite its common use as an indicator of the risk and the implication in the introduction voltage is not a reliable indicator of the severity of electric shock. The main indicators are the actual current flowing through the body and its duration, and this can lead to wrong conclusions, since the physiological consequences depend on the route of the current through the body. Current which is through the heart or the brain infinitely more harmful than current caught in a finger or palm between the terminals of a battery. A persistent current is also more damage than a short current pulse.

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Physiological Consequences electric shock

The following table shows some of the effects of direct electrical currents through the body. For a period of one second

Important Notes: The two tables above are compiled from a variety of sources and although there is a general agreement between the sources of the size of the causes and effects of the actual values ​​are very large differences. Obviously, it is not practical to test on people to where impact verify levels to fatal and some data derived examination of animals. The values ​​used are therefore average or typical values ​​that are to be used only for illustrative purposes.

Dangerous currents are shown in red.

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