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Man dies after Jinnat digging grave

Man dies after Jinnat digging grave

پیج ممبر نے عذاب قبر کی یہ ہولناک ویڈیو بھیجی ہے… قبر میں کیسی آوازیں آرہی تھی قبر کشائی کرکے بندہ دیکھنے اندرگیا تو مناظر دیکھ کر وہیں مرگیا
جو بھی ہے الله مغفرت کرے بس

You might have seen many videos of possessed people on the internet or the videos of Jinnat. However this video will leave you in shock after seeing that the man gets possessed in the most Holy place of the world, Masjid e Nabwi.

Man dies after Jinnat digging grave

Masjid e Nabwi is the second holiest site after Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. Masjid e Nabwi is the place where the tomb of our last holy Prophet is situated. Thousands of people say their prayers in this holy mosque. However recently an incident happened in the mosque who’s video went viral on social media.

The man started his Sallah at first but after a couple  of minutes he started screaming loudly. The nearby people were shocked to hear his screams meanwhile they can’t do anything because they were also in the state of Sallah. However after their Sallah, they took him to a scholar who told them he is being possessed by Jinnat.

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