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Man Died due to selfie on bull stuns

Man Died due to selfie on bull stuns
 سیلفی کے شوق میں بیوقوف آدمی وحشی بھینسے آگے چڑھ گیا؛ پھر دیکھیں کیا حشر ہوا

Amazing bull in the rest of world is seen which has very long antlers on its head. It seems as it is unique one in this whole world. Sometimes it looks like as it is a mutant of two different animals. When someone has look on its antlers it seems as it is the half mutant of deer. However it is yet not cleared as is it mutant of any other animal or not.

Man Died due to selfie on bull stuns

Talking about bull, there are different kinds of bull around the world. Most interestingly all are found dangerous because of its power. All bulls are found very powerful because all are made up for hard work. They were used in early days for hard work as farmers used to bulls in their fields.

Farmers used bulls for different works in their fields and they took work from them all the day. They were used as machines like people used tractors and other machines in their fields. They were very useful in those days and also were very precious for farmers. Farmers considered those bulls as their assets.

There are also some other bulls which are used for bullfighting. They are also very special in their qualities as people do not use them for their daily routine work. There are also some areas around the world where people still are using those bulls for their field works. Talking about India, citizens are still involved in different bull games and still enjoyed those games.

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