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Male Doctor Harassed Female Patient in Clinic

Male Doctor Harassed Female Patient in Clinic
ڈاکٹر نے بے غیرتی کی انتہا کر دی. ویڈیودیکھیں

Female patient gets treatment in clinic by male doctor. She was waiting for her treatment by male doctor and was also being captured by CCTV camera. She was sat on the bench and waiting for doctor. She looked as she was the patient of backache.


After sometimes, doctor came in the room where she was sat for him. He came inside and asked him to stand up for her checkup. He checked up her completely using his professional ways. He checked her from her back by using his hands and also checked from neck.

He checked her completely and asked her to go outside of the room. It was the scene which happened in the room but people have started to misuse it. They named it as doctor was trying to misbehave with female patient when she went in the back room of doctor.

Some people first leaked his footage from his personal data and shared it on multiple internet channels. People saw this footage and started to abuse that doctor without knowing the reality. Our nation does not think rationally. They only see the one side of the picture and never try to know another side.

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