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Mahnoor Baloch instagram Overseas Pictures

Mahnoor Baloch instagram Overseas Pictures

ماہ نور بلوچ کی یونان میں تفریح کی ویڈیو لیک، بچے نہ دیکھیں

Mahnoor Balcoh again blasts to new comer in Showbiz when she uploads her latest visit’s pictures from Greece on her instagram account. She still looks young in her age as she is entering in her 25th year. She is amazingly growing and looks like refusing to age female in this world.

Mahnoor Baloch instagram Overseas Pictures

She stands at the age of 46 year right now but no one can understand her with this age. There would be very less females in this world who are age hiders especially in showbiz industry throughout the world. Actresses of Hollywood mostly got skin therapy to have their look very young.

However, Mahnoor is far away from these scientific formulas as she prescribes thoroughly. She also told in one of her interview when she was invited in morning show by Maliha Lodhi. She tells as she has got the formula to look young as she never gets tension whatever happens.

There are also many actresses in Bollywood who were also launched in the same era nearly when she was launched in showbiz industry and modeling. They all have been grown and now do not cast in any film or drama.

On the other hand, she is still casting in drama and most importantly as a heroine. Other actresses obviously are casted in different movies and dramas but not as a heroines. She was entered in 93 in drama sector of Pakistan and is not ready to leave this due to her marvelous look which never seems to be ended.

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