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Magician Sad Tragedy In Magic Show Watch Clip

Magician Sad Tragedy In Magic Show Watch Clip

People around the world have adopted different occupations to carry on their lives and their families. Some people joined their ancestor`s business, some were bankers and some preferred fieldwork. There are some people in the world, the very different career choice.

Magician Sad Tragedy In Magic Show Watch Clip

This profession known as “Magic”, although it is known as magic, but it’s not magic. Mages are actually doing tricks to entertain people. You have to be very professional while performing tricks. If there is a small mistake, then they will ruin their future and show both at the same time.

People from around the world come to see their tricks and entertain them after I perfect them tricks. At the end of most magicians explain that the trick is not magic and not try this at home from you in case if the trick is dangerous.

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It takes years to learn these tricks for them and also they make mistakes eventually performing a few tricks. The way they magicians was passed in video attempts to perform the trick, if by chance he killed the girl in field.

The girl was the wife of magician and they were professional magicians. They were doing all kinds of tricks last for many years. They were invited to New York to show their tricks. They were in the middle of a show, when suddenly their tricks went wrong.

It was painful time for people sitting in the hall, which had come to see the show from around the world.

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