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Madina Mosque Minar Miracle Red Shade

Madina Mosque Minar Miracle Red Shade

مدینہ منورہ مسجد کا مینار اچانک سرخ ہوگیا لوگوں کے ہوش اڑ گئے دیکھنے کے لئے جمع ہوگئے

Madina Mosque Minar Miracle Red Shade

A minaret (/ˌmɪnəˈrɛt, ˈmɪnəˌrɛt/; Persian: مناره‎‎ menare, Turkish: minare), from Arabic: منارة‎‎ manāra, lit. “lighthouse”, also known as Goldaste (Persian: گلدسته‎‎), is a distinctive architectural structure akin to a tower and typically found adjacent to mosques. Generally a tall spire with a conical or onion-shaped crown, usually either free-standing or taller than associated support structure. The basic form of a minaret includes a base, shaft, and gallery. Styles vary regionally and by period. Minarets provide a visual focal point and are traditionally used for the Muslim call to prayer.

In addition to providing a visual cue to a Muslim community, the main function of the minaret is to provide a vantage point from which the call to prayer, or adhan, is made. The call to prayer is issued five times each day: dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and night. In most modern mosques, the adhān is called from the musallah (prayer hall) via microphone to a speaker system on the minaret.

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