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Luxury Life Style of Princess of Dubai Watch Clip

Luxury Life Style of Princess of Dubai Watch Clip

The luxury lifestyle of the Princess of Dubai is very popular in the Arab people. She is the only daughter of Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid. Every individual in UAE with company wishes Sheikha Mahra for some time.

Luxury Life Style of Princess of Dubai Watch Clip

Sheikha Mahra was sent to the UK in her early age for their studies. After completion of the initial training, the prince returned to Dubai for some time. They spent some time in the UAE, to know the Arab culture correctly and then flew to America for their higher education. She completed her high school and college in America.

Upon completion of higher education, the Royal Princess Sheikha Mahra returned in UAE. Life in Dubai, she usually spent her time with friends. Your most of the friends is part of the Arab families in the country. Visit the country and find out the problems of the Arab locals live in the desert.

Princess Sheikha Mahra is known as very friendly social worker. She has set many schools and hospitals in various parts of the United Arab Emirates for the welfare of the Arab peoples. She also has responsibility for many local students met to complete their education. All expenses of the students are paid by the government of Dubai.

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Sheikha Mahra also visit the poor countries with the exception of the Arab world. She has also represented the Government of Dubai in different countries. The royal lady was given the status of a few years ago holds the UAE flag in Olympics. The Princess is one of the most popular and powerful Arab women.

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