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Lovers Mistakes Spoiled Public Life Watch Clip

Lovers Mistakes Spoiled Public Life Watch Clip

It’s amazing that this world in which we live in is full of strange and attention, the events that invites us to reflect on and examine some challenging questions about the origin of life, its starting point, if there is still nothing neither space time. What was there before the space-time?

Lovers Mistakes Spoiled Public Life Watch Clip

Same kind of questions when a human child in the world, he asks observed. And one of the questions of childhood is it that what came first, the egg or the chicken? Here the same kind of question is, is. Under observation at a burger shop where you took a funny and strange incident

While working on the burger, man first fried the egg and then went to the second but it breaks, he and all the other people in his shop was numb when they saw that instead of egg material came a baby chicken that on the but soon fell pan was made safe.

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In the beginning, as the video appeared on the Internet, she received a criticism, but later his reality was accepted, because these eggs are produced under the machine, which can more and more as the heat demand to convert Baby Chicken Egg material in alive. This is what really happened.

The boy who is running the business when interviewed were told that this first time that I observed such incident and I’m still not able to believe it, I could not move my hands to this little chicken and someone else this act of courage carried out to save, I was completely numb.

He also said that after this event after a certain period, people stopped coming into his shop, because they considering this event very strange and spread the news of this event by word of mouth marketing, but later the impact of the event, when cold become, I began searching for customers in my shop again.

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