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London worst storms Swept Away Boy in sea water

London worst storms Swept Away Boy in sea water

A little boy was also feared dead after being swept along with the storm water into the sea. The boy was playing with his friends when they surprised were the small drizzle conversion into a series of heavy rain combined with strong winds towards the sea.

London worst storms Swept Away Boy in sea water

London: One of the worst storms in history struck the costs for the UK especially London City last Sunday night, brings a wave of heavy rain with it. Hurricane winds caused severe damage to transport and other activities in the coastal areas. He left behind many of the buildings in the form of a rumble before. The sea at New Haven on the coastal areas of East Sussex

A teenager in London was swept into the sea by the hurricane. The Coast Guard teams were looking for the boy till late midnight. There were very few opportunities for him to still find a very little hope alive, the search is.

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According to new reports, when the rain began last afternoon, the boy went out of his house with a group of his friends to enjoy the rainy day. They were near water, drifting in sports, when suddenly the wind picked up and the rain started getting heavier.

All the guys packed their bags and headed back to their homes. Only after this boy was left on his own will wait for some time until the rain stops, or at least a little slower. The wind never came down and the rain kept on getting heavier.

Began when the boy decided to wait no more, and began to move back towards his home, the currents of the flood water runs over the streets, he was able to cross out of the water on the other side of the water to reach his house. The boy was swept along with the storm in the sea near London City.

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