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London Female Model Drowned Into Pool During Cat Walk

London Female Model Drowned Into Pool During Cat Walk

London: A female model face embarrassment public during the London Fashion Show. The smart looking girl walked confidently into surface ramp, but it was only temporary. The runway was placed in an open bottom in the vicinity of the pool. The female models were hard to fight during the hike because the surface was a little slippery for them.

London Female Model Drowned Into Pool During Cat Walk

The model was ahead of London crowd wearing high heels and show amazing capabilities of the modeling. She looked happy, but their happiness soon be ruined if she turned around. The female model lost her balance and fell into the pool. She was to take walking on the edge of the pool, but not special precautions for insecurity.

It was a difficult time for them, as no one came to help her, and she had out of the pool with wet dress and body out to get. She felt so much embarrassment in front of a large audience sitting in the arena and watching her with strange expression. However, they helped out and went into the locker room.

Arrange fashion show in public park was innovative and interesting idea, but the management does not make good arrangements for the event. Display ramp surface near water pool was not a good idea at all, because the female models wearing high heels had to go. The chances of drowning in the pool were increasing once the surface was smooth.

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Consequently, the female model could not balance their body during walking and drowned in the water pool. The height of the London City should behave well and avoid the people pass comments on the incident. However, the negligence of the administration is created embarrassing situation for the model in front of a large audience.

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