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London Comic Film Festival Desi Boys Spread Laughter Short Clip

London Comic Film Festival Desi Boys Spread Laughter Short Clip

As it is said, “Even a smile is love”, these guys have great work by. A smile on many faces and won the hearts of millions They have this short clip for London Comic Film Festival and was nominated as one of the best international registration. The jury has laid on them by. Free airline tickets to London, with a luxurious stay in top hotels in the British capital.

London Comic Film Festival Desi Boys Spread Laughter Short Clip

There is no doubt that these guys were life-changing opportunity, as they were awarded with cash prizes. Reportedly, they have decided to try their luck in London by investing their studies and prize money in the London Stock Exchange. Whatever they decide, they should market research before investing their hard earned money to do.

In the beginning you can see from the guys tried to commit suicide while his friend tries to save his life. Apparently they are on a railway track where train comes to smash it. However amazed the twisted end of each not only in London but throughout the world. These young people were named and honored with cash.

The British capital London has always been the center of attention for its historical value, financial value and cultural activities. That is why tourists, students and business people choose this British cities as destinations. Looking for cheap flights to London make economic accommodation only most out of their stay. Hope these guys also have the same and managed to hit the mark.

London is a British city, which is famous for many reasons is. Be its financial activity, the historical significance or cultural ties, this city always throwing lucrative opportunities. This is the only reason that people from all over the world mortgage property back home, drive through cheap flights, stay in cheap hotels in London and trying to make their lives.

Some must go through hard way, while others strike lucky enough to get and reach the goal without problems. This is the case with these young people as they sent a funny clip and him to London Comic Film Festival. The idea clicked the jury and they called the decision makers with free flight to London and offers a luxurious stay in Kent Hall Hotel also.

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First, it seems that someone is trying to put his life while his friend tries to save him. But it is only being distributed to laughter around the world at the end. The jury of the London Film Festival appreciated the originality of the idea and offered them a life changing opportunity. The boys were given prize money, and they remain not only during the flight, but in London the hotel and had memorable.

Do not forget to share the video as it can be placed on the face of some depressed person a smile. This funny video is like a psychologist and therapists work and soothe the nerves of anyone. Therefore, it was all over the world, including British capital London applauded. They do not understand the language, but they feel connected to these young people.

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