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Live Show Man Slapped by Pretty Girl Watch Clip

Live Show Man Slapped by Pretty Girl Watch Clip

A decent-looking man by pretty girl hit in live show when he false claim on it. The character assassination of lady in live broadcast made them angry, and they decided to punish him. The host of the program is trying to reassure her, but the man did not stop talking about her character. So, he finally paid the paid the price.

Live Show Man Slapped by Pretty Girl Watch Clip

The lady tried to control it, through live show, but if things get out of hand, she stood up and reached near the man and began to beat him. The man did not expect this kind of reaction of the pretty girl. The management of the program, intervened in the fight and kept the lady struck him.

The host of the anchor has not tried to stop the fight, as they seemed to enjoy the fight, only to have their program evaluation. She was involved in such a type of program, and it was popular not by majority of the public. The other lady was doing what she wanted on her live show and they achieved their purpose.

The role of the media should be but unfortunately the race of getting up in the evaluation has forced the channels to forget morality. Therefore, people see how fighting in live shows often these days. The channels are spread violence rather play good role for the betterment of society.

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The battle between the pretty lady and man in the quantity of live show was an example of dirty face of media channels. However, know people, the reality behind such programs and they do not like them at all. The PEMRA must look into such matters and have strict orders, how pathetic provide programs to stop.

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