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live Bollywood show Indian Girl thrown slipper

live Bollywood show Indian Girl thrown slipper

An angry Indian girl has thorn slipper in a live Bollywood show on TV. The reality show was going live on air when the girl becomes angry on the boy on something. However, the studio crew came in between them to settle the things.

live Bollywood show Indian Girl thrown slipper

Things become very complicated at the Bollywood show when the girl was insulted by a male member. However, she equally responded him in harsh manner. Youngsters in India are always disrespectful to others. They even do not care that entire world would be watching them on TV.  Indian programs are very much popular in the media because of these things.

The Bollywood show is watched all around the world because of youngsters taking part in it. Such incidents are very often in Indian media. People get angry on each other very often. Especially young generation of India has no tolerance for each other. They always fight each other for no reason. Such things often become matter of shame for everyone.

The Indian girl getting angry in the Bollywood show was taking part in the debate. The debate becomes controversial in two groups. However, due to presence of security in the program things were controlled very soon.  A similar type of fight was seen in a reality program some time back.

It was a fight between two stars of Indian film industry as well. Things were controlled there by the security as well. Indian youngsters are known to become angry very soon. The incident in the Bollywood show was a real proof of it.

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