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Lion rips tourist attacked out of jeep

Lion rips apart a tourist attacked out of jeep

سیاح کو شیروں نے گھیر لیا ! پھر کیا ہوا ویڈیو دیکھیں
Lion rips apart one of tourists who was out of jeep and was trying to have full clear pictures of lions. He was as engrossed in his devotion as he did not notice he had come in danger zone. When he was busy having close zoom of lion, there was another lion that attacked him.

Lion rips apart a tourist attacked out of jeep

In most of the developed countries, governments have developed latest zoo in which people feel like they are wondering in the forest. The people like that environment too much as they have to sit in their vehicles and free to move wherever they want.

In third world countries, we could not see zoo in the same pattern as in the Europe and America. Here all animals are put in the cages and people see them in that confined places. Even the birds are also bound to fly as they are all put in the big place under the very big net.

You can say in other words, there is huge difference between the zoos of third world countries and first world countries. Here people are free to move but animals are bound in cages but there animals and people both are free to move and enjoy the party.

So, the risk of loss is increased when people are allowed to move in the zoo in their vehicles. The said person had to lose his life when he dared to come out of his vehicle. In this case, managements should adopt enough safety measurements for their visitors.

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