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Lion Pet wild attack guest unconscious

Lion Pet wild attack guest unconscious
دیکھیں پالتو جانور نے مہمان کو چیر پھاڑ کررکھ دیا خدارا گھر میں ایسے جانوروں کو نہ رکھا کریں ویڈیو دیکھیں

Ferocious lion attack leaves guest unconscious in one of European countries. Guest had no idea as his hosts were fond of having pet animals not only cats and dogs but also lion. People in the European countries are also fond of having lions and tigers as pet like in Arab States.

Lion Pet wild attack guest unconscious

They also can afford the expenses as they also belong to well to do families. It is obviously very difficult to manage such kinds of animals that only feed on meat and nothing else. Only rich people can afford such kinds of wild animals who have no problems regarding money.

There was a female who was managing to that lion and was the real owner of that lion. According to her, she was also there unfortunately when guest was attacked by the lion. She further added as it was ours goodness as she and her husband were there to help him to release.

She said it was the first time when she felt as how it was difficult to release something from the teeth of lion. Both were in the effort to release their guest from the clutches of lion but it looked invincible at sometime but they got succeeded. After giving quick response, their guest yet got some bruises from lion.

She was thankful for her husband as he was there to help her and his guest. Guest also had severe bruise on his backside and some little on his arm. She was also asked sorry to her guest over unexpected behavior from the lion which was not done before.

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