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Leopard attacks on villagers Wild Animal

Leopard attacks on villagers Wild Animal
جاہل انڈین بے زبان چیتے کو وحشیانہ طریقے سے پھانسی دے رہے تھے تو قدرت کیسے خاموش رہتی دیکھیں کیسی چیر پھاڑ ہوئی

Leopard attacks on villagers in Maharashtra when they let it to attack on them. According to information, in one of village of Maharashtra, leopard attacked on villagers when they were having some games. They all have finished another leopard and caste it in the fields and again got busy to see annual games in their village.

Leopard attacks on villagers

According to stories, villagers were too much worried and annoyed from something which used to come in their village. They all were worried and did not know as which one used to come and harmed to their animals. Once they also tried to find out but they could not find that animal. They were badly tired from it as every night they were faced heavy loss due to brutal attack of that wild animal.

Then, all villagers decided to get rid from that wild animal and started to wait it in the night. They all did not sleep in the whole night but that wild animal did not come in the night. They again started to wait in the next night and they succeeded to get that wild animal. When it entered in the village, all villagers encircled it tightly and did not let it go away.

They all were succeeded to get it and slain it and caste in the field. They were all got busy to see annual games when they heard somewhere as there is another leopard entered in the village. They all rushed towards that leopard. Leopard was very furious and about to mad. Actually she was the partner of first dead leopard.

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