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Lebanese Girl Generated Crystal Tears Watch Clip

Lebanese Girl Generated Crystal Tears Watch Clip

A 12 years of age Lebanese young lady Hasnah Mohamed Meselman created precious stone tears from left eye and left the medicinal specialists stunned. The therapeutic specialists are still dumbfounded on precious stone tears created by Lebanese young lady. In addition, the young lady created seven dangerously sharp gems every day without getting any sort of harm in eyes.

Lebanese Girl Generated Crystal Tears Watch Clip

The gem detaches began to originate from Hasnah Mohamed Meselman’s eyes in March 1996 and she was at her school when the first ever precious stone remove originated from left eye which expectedly beset her. In the wake of returning to home, she recounted the story to her dad keeping in mind she was talking another gem remove originated from her eye.

The father of Hasnah Mohamed Meselman took her to city for restorative checkup, met with an ophthalmologist named Dr. Araji and clarified the state of his little girl. For two weeks Lebanese young lady stayed in Dr. Araji’s facility and amid nowadays, she delivered a few gems. The specialist couldn’t give any restorative reason of Husnah’s condition.

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Dr. Araji told father that it could just be a supernatural occurrence of God and he should not be concerned on the state of his little girl in light of the fact that the gems were not bringing about any sort of harm to young lady’s eye. The state of 12 years of age Lebanese young lady still needs clarifications and medicinal specialists appear confound in such manner in this way.

Hasnah Mohamed Meselman uncovered that a maysterious White Knight came to visit her few times in evenings and advised her that the gem tears was God’s will and it would end on will of God also. On asking who he was, the White Knight answered to her that he was flag-bearer of God.

Following couple of months when the tale of Lebanese young lady began to flow, the precious stone detaches quit originating from her eyes on the grounds that the baffling White Knight cautioned the young lady that she must kept it mystery. The otherworldly researchers of diverse religions called the narrative of gems a misrepresentation however cam recorded the visuals of attacks precious stones.

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