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Leaked Video Qandeel Baloch Scandal with Umar Akmal

Qandeel Baloch Scandal with Umar Akmal Leaked Video

Pakistan may not have achieved anything out of the world cup but one thing became known to every Pakistani and she is Qandeel Baloch. Everybody knows that whatever she is doing is for the fame. Qandeel Baloch has no become a celebrity and the media channels are conducting interviews with her.

Qandeel Baloch Scandal with Umar Akmal Leaked Video

The promotion of Qandeel Baloch by the media shows that our media has no sense of what they should promote and what they should not. They have only one religion and that is the ratings and commercialism. They will show whatever they can for the ratings and they can go as low as conducting interview with Qandeel Baloch.

Qandeel Baloch in her latest media interview alleged Umar Akmal of having relationship with her. She said that Umar Akmal has met her many times and he asked her that she should release the video whether Pakistan wins or loses. Qandeel Baloch should prove what she has said and Umar Akmal should respond to the allegation.

But the kind of character Umar Akmal is we know that he can do anything. In his private life Umar Akmal is not a very good man. He was arrested by the Police when he fought with a traffic warden on the road. The issue was highlighted and later on he confessed of abusing the Policeman who was appointed there at the duty. Umar Akmal once again failed to prove that he is worth playing for the nation and before him his elder brother Kamran Akmal did the same.

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