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Leaked Video Of American Police Must Watch

Leaked Video Of American Police Must Watch

When we see at west the America is their leader in everything. But people say that the American have not given anything to the world. If we look in the field of science and literature and art we will find people from Europe and very few have emerged from the America.

Leaked Video Of American Police Must Watch

America is only leading the world in wars and they have destroyed the whole world. Since the creation of the America and even long before that they are at war. They were at civil war at the start and after they finished the local Indian population they became the United Stated if America.

A country which came into existence after killing and the base is on the blood of native people. The Americans have followed this wherever they have gone. Now the modern America is running on the same principle.

They export the democracy and go into the war and kill people and innocent people and get the gold and wealth and the oil needed and then they leave the country in the civil war. The police of America has also followed the footsteps of their military.

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They are involved in killings of innocent people and especially the racial killings are not only done by the American police but they also support gangs who do these kind of things. The attitude of the police towards the woman is also on record. Watch this video where a woman prisoner is beaten by the American police. She almost bleed to death. This is the American police and their real face.

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