Friday , 2 December 2016
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Leaked Video APS Attack Rare Video Must Watch

Leaked Video APS Attack Rare Video Must Watch

We have a lot to write in the last week or so on the APS-attack and the media will also speak about the incident. It seems that we were very eager to talk about the topic and everyone has an interest in promoting the incident.

This was a black day in the history of the world and each sentenced. Even the Indians condemned them and the social media trends showed that whole world condemned the incident. The world is no longer safe and the world powers, the responsibility for it.

Leaked Video APS Attack Rare Video Must Watch

The type of policy towards Muslims who continued in the past two decades three caused frustration in the minds of Muslim youth and they are very dangerous. The potential hatred they bear in their interior plays a crucial role in recruiting them for any kind of terrorist plot.

The whole nation was united yesterday and the clock and CM of all provinces and chiefs of the armed forces were present on the occasion. Once again, the army chief has reiterated that Pakistan army will break the back of the terrorists and nobody will be spared.

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Pakistan has a lot due to this war on terror and the country have suffered loss in the business field also. The economy has suffered a lot and the current state of law and order is always better. The current commitment of the army chief shows that the army had no one will be decided now saved. This exclusive report on the incident.

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