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Laila Pakistani Film Actress with boyfriend Video Leaked

Laila Pakistani Film Actress with boyfriend Video Leaked

Pakistani film star laila with boyfriend.Finally Laila is no “single”. The drama “Kon ho ga Laila Ka Dulha” Good Morning Zindagi comes to an end. She has her better half found. But there is a twist in the story. Laila fiance is not among those who participated in the show and competed with each other to win the fight. Surprisingly, the penultimate show of the film star Meera came with her mother (Shafqat Zehra) and brother (Ahsan). Meera brother Ahsan proposed Laila on set and she accepted his proposal. On the last day of the show officially held their engagement.

Laila Pakistani Film Actress with boyfriend Video Leaked

Well, we in the name of the style Laila wish all the best for their future life but I was wondering, what about the candidates who have participated in? Without explanation a winner, the management of Good Morning Zindagi sent them back home. This looks really weird. What happened in the last two days, it is clear that this whole issue was pre-planned. This is not new in morning shows. We have seen many planted dramas like this in the past also on different channels. You should not have forgotten what Nida yasir has only to get on her show last month with Shabbir January the ratings. All we want to say is that this kind of practices morning shows to gain TRP should be discouraged.

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On engagement party, Laila said, “this is my first ever involvement in their lives. I miss my mother at that moment. I think Meera mother as my own mother. I only hope that this relationship remains forever.” Ahsan also shared his feelings. He said that he never told he feelings for Laila last three years, but its similarity with Laila. He said he is too happy to find Laila as his life partner. We are pleased to Ahsan !!!

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