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Lahori Female Model Animal Catwalk Show 2016

Lahore Models Girls and Animal Catwalk Show 2016
لعنت ہے ان میڈیا والوں پر، قربانی جیسے اسلامی تہوار پر بھی بیہودگی سے باز نہ آئے، ویڈیو دیکھیں اور لعنت بحیج کر شئیر کریں

European citizens got surprised when they see Pakistani cattle walks in cattle market. They were also amazed as what was going there in Pakistan. Even some female models were also looked busy in this so called cattle fashion walks. Some people also raised questions over beliefs.


Actually those European Citizens who are Muslims and living in multiple European Countries and European Cities, they get originally disturbed to watch them. According to some of European Muslims, they are being asked from other religions as what people are doing in Pakistan at their religious event.

According to Muslims who live in European countries, they always being asked multiple questions when they Christian people get anything distrusting related to religion Islam. European Citizens especially those are researching over religion Islam, they really face problems after watching such videos from Pakistan.

According to those European Muslims, some people are also diverted after watching those video which equally disturb them and they left to research and to read Quran. They further question over government authorities as they must control such events to be come on air. According to them, such programs definitely create problems for Muslim European Citizens.

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