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Katar Shia girl offering prayer on fire

Katar Shia girl offering prayer on fire

 لڑکی کیسے آگ پر نماز پڑھ رہی ہے دیکیھں اس ویڈیو میں شیئر بھی کریں

Little girl is offering prayer on fire which is not told in our religion. Our religion does not allow people to do such thing due to which people are hurt. Our religion is the message of tranquility and calm and it never let its followers to do such foolish things which does not relate to religion Islam.

Katar Shia girl offering prayer on fire

According to one incident which was happened in the age of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he saw one of his companions which was offering prayer in full sunlight. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked him as what he was doing. He replied he was offering prayer. Prophet Muhammad replied him as why he is getting so much trouble while offering prayer in full sun light.

Actually it was very hot season and he was also sweating a lot. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not like it to put himself in difficult phase especially you have easy phase to fulfill their duties. There were also many other incidents in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked too many people to stop such deeds which they used to frequently which put them in trouble.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met with one of his companions who had got too much weak once. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked him as what happened to his health and he replied as he was having fasts on daily basis. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked who asked him to do such practice as he also had many other rights of his own family.

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