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Kasur Jumia Masjid Tourists listen azaan

Kasur Jumia Masjid Tourists listen azaan
قصور کی چھ سو سال پرانی پُراسرار مسجد جہاں جن اذان دینتے ہیں؛ ہوش اڑا دینے والی ویڈیو دیکھیں

A Jumma Masjid in India has become famous because of getting haunted with paranormal activities. It has been famous in the Local stories that Jinn and other un-seen species offer prayers and Adan in the Mosque. Tourists from everywhere has become interested in watching the place and come in big numbers. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people comes from across India and other countries to watch the Jinn offering prayers.

Kasur Jumia Masjid Tourists listen azaan

Over the last few years, famous Mosque has become one of most visited places in entire Tamil Nadu. It has also become a place where people love to spend their time with family and children. Beside the historical Mosque, there are many other places in town which are very attractive for visitors.

Visitors coming from European countries do feel a little difficult to live in the remote conditions. However, the tourism department in India has started give importance to the subject. It was seen that the Tourism department with help of local government has started building new hotels and parks in the area.

The Haunted Mosque surroundings property prices have also started to increase considerable. Due to increasing number of tourists in area, local business has started to flourish. Many small business owners from surrounding areas have also started to move near the historical mosque.

Shopkeepers and market owners in the Area earns good business during the tourist season. Number of tourists purchases a lot of gift items and other things from local markets to take as gift for the friends and family. The Mosque despite all these things, Needs a lot of care and attention from the Indian government and the tourism department.

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