Friday , 15 December 2017
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Kashmiry’s Astonish Everyone

The rally held in Srinagar the capital of Kashmir in favor of Syed Ali Gilani arrived after the recovering form illness.He admitted in Delhi for long time it seems that he absolutely recovered from his disease.

Thousands of Kashmir citizen  participated in the rally and raised slogan in favor of Syed Ali Gilani  the real voice of Kashmir and for Pakistan too.

On 15 April youth arranged the rally for their real leader and welcome him with warm heart and good passion because he back to home after three months admitted in Delhi.

Kashmiry got the world’s attentions when they gathered in counting welcome the voice of Kashmir Syed Ali Gilani.

Indian media attract when Kashmiries waved Pakistani flag and raised words lon live Pakistan repetition.

All this happened presence of Indian Army but they couldn’t stopped them not even stopped waving flags.

Indian media would realized that new spirit is growing among the kashmiries.

Because they have also been stunned by Kashmiries.

Kashmirys has been fighting for freedom for last 67 years and Syed Ali Gilani their Their who takes stand for them.

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