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Karachi School Colleges Boys Girls Lovers shoot each other

Karachi School Boys Girls shoot each other

Two teenage classmates found shot dead in school, Bodies of minor girl, boy recovered from Karachi school, School boy kills lover commits suicide

Mankind sufferings on this earth are not hidden from anyone, people suffer in a great deal with health problems, wealth and life loss of closed ones but crave for life hardly dies, and no one wants to die despite of knowing the fact that this life is not perfect at all.

Karachi School Boys Girls shoot each other

Recently a shocking video made so many people cry but a happy ending due to the aid of this emergency medical flight made them feel peaceful. A little kid while playing with utensils ended up getting his head stuck in one of utensil, he cried too much till the time he was helped to make a safe escape.

Though this kid on getting stuck in the problem received a great deal of first aid from the majority in the surroundings but after getting his head out of the utensil child was observed holding an injury on his face due to utensil breaking tool. This injury was quite more dangerous as bleeding was too much.

To help this kid out, he was taken to hospital with this very same and famous health and life saving tool, emergency medical flight. Doctors after making a successful treatment commented that this kid is lucky to reach on time otherwise a little late would have made his face filled up with injury marks permanently.

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