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Karachi revealed sink into sea until 2060

Karachi revealed sink into sea until 2060

During the last 35 years 2 kilometers of coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan have become part of the ocean.

Islamabad: Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology has been revealed that the meeting was part of Malir area of Karachi has become part of the sea. 325758-SonamKapoor-1423556963-185-640x480

2050 Badin and Thatta area of the sea will be included Karachi, 2060, the sea will sink, the last 35 years, the Sindh and Balochistan coastal area 2 km from the sea are part Sindh 2 million acres of land in the ocean sink has Badin has spread to 31 thousand aykrpr sea, members of the committee to plan for sea level review has recommended.

The meeting, which was chaired by Professor Sajid Mir Indus lower areas of marine water the lower coastal areas of Balochistan and the impact of the reviewed katfsyly. Director General Dr Asif reward investment while briefing the UN‘s regional seas program and the Environmental Protection Agency in 1989, the highest level in Pakistan kusmndr added.

According to the report, the level of investment in smndrayk 1.3 mm per meter in Pakistan, which is being blndhuty dyltayy area, botanical, biological life is suffering and Sindh has pushed the sides of the sea. We are not about statistics. Secretary Kamran Ali Qureshi said that science is a critical issue. The process aysalayhh katdark these issues should be adopted.

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