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Karachi Clean-up Operation Army Tanks on Roads

Beware Enemies be very aware!! Army Tanks are on the Roads getting ready for Karachi Cleanup Operation!

خبردار پاکستان کے دشمنوں !! کیا کراچی میں عید کے بعد کچھ بڑا ہونے والا ہے ؟؟ پاک آرمی کے ٹینک کراچی میں داخل ہونا شروع ویڈیو دیکھیں

KARACHI: Rangers conducted raids in various parts of Karachi and arrested at least 80 suspected criminals, Express News reported on Thursday. Many of the suspects were released after initial investigation. Rangers arrested 25 of the suspects during a raid in Attaur Rahman Goth. They also seized a vehicle, 14 pistols, three Klashnikovs, three guns, 30 magazines and 15,000 cartridges during the raid.

Karachi Clean-up Operation Army Tanks on Roads

The targeted operation started in Karachi after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited the metropolitan in September last year in a bid to devise a strategy to curb violence. With the provincial government on board, the prime minister had given a go-ahead to the paramilitary force to conduct raids and arrest criminals with the help of the police.

According to a 5-month police report on Karachi targeted operations, around 601 suspects were arrested out of which 213 were wanted; 153 were arrested in target killing cases and 71 were arrested in kidnapping for ransom cases. The report revealed that incidents of target killing were reduced by 56% while murders and street crimes were reduced by 30% since the operation began.

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