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Kane doing bad with Lita live on wrestling TV

Kane doing bad with Lita live on wrestling TV

لائیو ریسلنگ کے دوران کین نے لیتا کے ساتھ کے ساتھ کیسی شرمناک حرکت کی کہ وہ شدید غصے میں آ گئی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Kane (wrestler)

Glenn Thomas Jacobs (born April 26, 1967) is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor.[9] He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane. Jacobs began his professional wrestling career on the independent circuit in 1992. He wrestled in promotions such as Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) and the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) before joining the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1995. Jacobs played various characters until 1997, when he was repackaged as Kane, the monstrous and/or demonic younger brother of The Undertaker, with whom Jacobs would alternatively feud or team as The Brothers of Destruction.

Kane doing bad with Lita live on wrestling TV

Following his debut, Kane remained a pivotal component of the company’s Attitude Era of the late 1990s and early 2000s, defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin[10] for the WWF Championship in his first pay-per-view (PPV) main event at King of the Ring 1998. He has continued to compete in world championship PPV matches through the mid 2010s.

Kane has won 18 total championships during his WWF/E career, including being a three-time world champion (having held the WWF Championship, ECW Championship, and World Heavyweight Championship once each) and a 12-time world tag team champion, having held the WWF/E (World) Tag Team Championship, WCW Tag Team Championship, and WWE Tag Team Championships with various partners. He is also a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and a 2010 Money in the Bank winner. Kane is the third man to win the WWE Grand Slam.

Lita (wrestler)

Amy Christine Dumas (/dʊˈmɑː/; born April 14, 1975),[2] better known as Lita, is an American retired professional wrestler, and singer currently signed with WWE as a producer. She performed as a wrestler with WWE from 2000 to 2006, and has since made part-time appearances with the company. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 5, 2014.

After briefly working on the independent circuit and in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), Dumas signed with World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later WWE) in 1999. Originally, she was paired with Essa Rios,[6][7] but she achieved her greatest push alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy as Team Xtreme. Throughout her career, she won the WWE Women’s Championship four times. During her tenure with the company she became a very popular Diva in the company at that time.

Dumas had an off-screen relationship with Matt Hardy, which ended in 2005 after an affair with fellow wrestler Adam Copeland, better known as Edge.[1][8] WWE used the real-life drama between the trio as a storyline throughout 2005 and 2006, which led to Dumas becoming villainous on-screen.[1][8][9] The relationship also led to the firing of Hardy in 2005,[10] although he was rehired later that year.

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