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Junaid The Trimmer Waqar Zaka Reconciles

Junaid The Trimmer  Waqar Zaka Reconciles

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Waqar Zaka took to the Facebook and posted a video of himself with Junaid Haider to announce the settlement between them and asked the social media users to avoid spreading rumours and further aggravating the dispute.

Waqar had earlier addressed his nemesis and reminded him of how the two have unfinished business. “So let’s settle the beef like men. Name your place — be it Teen Talwar, Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, we can slug it out and whoever loses will have his head shaved and leave the country for good.” Waqar Zaka was brutally beaten up by Junaid Haider in January.

In a video which was wildly making the rounds on social media, Waqar was seen being thrashed as several people, including a gun-wielding man, watch from the sidelines. Waqar can be heard asking what he has done to the person beating him.

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