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Junaid Jamshed old video Viral On Internet

Junaid Jamshed old video Viral On Internet

The issue of martyrdom aside, Junaid’s death hits almost everyone experiencing the headiness of youth in Pakistan during the 1980s and early 1990s. Bursting onto the pop/rock stage in the newest way Pakistanis had seen, his bank Vital Signs quickly picked up a mass following; hundreds of thousands of culturally starved Pakistanis rising out the 11-year long ashes of Zia-ul-Haq’s martial reign.

Before them we had seen Nazia and Zoheb, the Benjamin Sisters, an Alamgir, each of them giving a new voice and personality to pop music but presenting it in the style of national television: young singers, microphone in hand, earnestly singing into the screen as they swayed ever so respectfully from side to side.

The Vital Signs birthed a kind of raw stage energy youth in Pakistan may have seen in more private spaces or on college campuses but they hadn’t had the mainstream authenticity, which included being signed on by labels, being given the royal EMI treatment and getting young-focused brands like Pepsi salivating for their attachment so they too could reach that much coveted youth audience — no small numbers in a small country with over a 100 million people (at the time) most of them young.

The Vital Signs collectively included some of Junaid’s generation’s most impressive musical talents, spawning rival bands and such later successes as Junoon, and eventually with guitarist Rohail Hyatt being the force behind the ultra-successful and much more successful branded content studio under the auspices of Coke.

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