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Juggan Kazim funny say about sahir lodhi

Juggan Kazim funny say about sahir lodhi

Juggan Kazim funny say about sahir lodhi

Electronic media host and actress Juggan Kazim brought lots of laughter during morning show and amused the audience as she made fun of radio presenter sahir Lodhi. The actress told an interesting story to the audience including host of morning show Nida Yasir and other guests. The reaction of host was interesting as well.

on the Eid eve, host Nida Yasir invited actress Juggan Kazim, amused the public with her versatile acting, and few other celebrities. The husband and brother-in-law of the host were also presented on show enjoying the funny stories of radio presenter. The host veiled her face through hands when Juggan made fun of sahir.

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sahir Lodhi began his career as radio presenter and later became host of electronic media. He acted in couple of dramas but his acting couldn’t impress the public at all. However, he continued his career as host and earned lots of fans around the world. The critics are not happy with him as most of the time he copies Bollywood actor shahrukh Khan.

Actress-cum-host Juggan Kazim is good friend of Lodhi and they have spent lots of time on and off the set. Both have built such a good relation that they make fun of each other in front of audience. But the actress made fun of him in his absence for the first time on the morning show of Nida Yasir, another good friend of radio presenter.

The actress told an interesting story of radio presenter when he was sick and every person enjoyed the story, it brought laughter from audience as well as host due to the jolly personality of sahir Lodhi. The radio presenter won’t mind making fun of him in his absence as he is good friend of actress Juggan Kazim and the host of the morning show because they were just sharing the memorable moments.

The fun making of Lodhi by Juggan did not just amuse the audience; it brought laughter from other guests as well, it also gave courage to host of the morning show to reveal few more funny facts about radio presenter and all of them enjoyed making fun of Lodni.

obviously, host-cum-actor sahir Lodhi did not mind it at all because he knew the nature of actress Juggan Kazim. They all are good colleagues and friends and never mind of making fun of each other even if someone is absent.


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