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Journalist Murdered incident occurs in Virginia

Journalist Murdered incident occurs in Virginia
ناکام عاشق نے گرل فرینڈ کو شادی سے انکار پر کیمرے کے سامنے قتل کر دیا، خوفناک ویڈیو کمکمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Unbelievable incident happens with journalist in Virginia, United State of American when she was reporting on important lively. She was busy with his guest when she got her ex-boyfriend with horrible object. It was really amazing for her as she was not taking him too dangerous as he did with her. He did not wait for anything and just talk to her in anger and then triggered his hand.

Journalist Murdered incident occurs in Virginia

Yes! It was really horrific in the history of Virginia as well as United State of America. She got about more than two bullets and he was run after hurting her ex-girlfriend. Fortunately or unfortunately, they whole matter was recorded in the camera as it is said as she was giving her services to her company at that time.

According to reports, he was also journalist but has been fired due to some reasons from his company. He came near to his ex-colleague or girlfriend carrying a harmful object in his hand with homicidal rage two years after. He was journalist with the name of Vester Lee Flanagan II who emptied his harmful object over 24 year old girlfriend.

According to story, he did not take her life but also put in the slot and took his life in the morning. It was really awful and dreadful for the whole country American as it never happened in the whole country especially with journalist. According to reports, he was mentally ill due to which he was kicked from the job.

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