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Japan Inhuman Dolphin Slaughter Watch Clip

Japan Inhuman Dolphin Slaughter Watch Clip

Dolphins are happy animal, which is not any hurt anyone right? Then why thousands of dolphins are in Japan from rich people killed every year? Today we have gathered some data on this subject.

Japan Inhuman Dolphin Slaughter Watch Clip

Japanese think that killing innocent dolphins very lucky to get them. They think Dolphin Murder will make them stronger. Their belief is that dolphin killing them will live longer.

Every year, thousands of dolphins are killed in this way. Oh these rich people do not care about these innocent animals. Anything they want to live longer and remain stronger than usual.

That’s stupid to answer question, none can live as dolphins kill more by innocent animals. This event of Japan is really inhumane and we condemn this and call for a lot of Japanese government to take action against it.

Watch Clip:

Every year, thousands of dolphins are trapped in a semi-pool of water. Then you have to throw a medicine for CDDS (Captive Dolphin Depression Syndrome). Where dolphins will literally feel everything, but not to move to be able to attack or be back.

Then they start these innocent creatures kill for fun. While these dolphins kill tons of blood to be shed in the water and in the video you can clearly see how the color of the water is changed in no time ….

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  1. What the hell is this? how the F*** can the Japanese get away with doing this to innocent dolphins how can their government not give a f*** about animal cruelty and dolphin murdering why don’t we just go around and start attacking Japanese people stabbing and opening their guts and see how they like it. I hope another tsunami comes again and kills you all because F*** you Japan hope you all die. Should bomb the place again.

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