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Israeli soldiers mass killed Children in Palestine

Israeli soldiers mass killed Children in Palestine

اسرائیلی کس طرح بیدردی سے مسلمان بچوں کو شہید کررہے۔۔ اگر یہ ویڈیو دیکھ کر روح نہ کانپی تو سمجھو ہماری غیرت مرگئی ہے میڈیا تو بک گیا کیا مسلمان حکمران بھی ؟؟ شیئر کریں طوفان اٹھادیں اس ظلم پر

Israeli forces are started to slay Palestinian children ruthlessly in Palestine. They have started to making tyrants activities against children which should be stopped by World Powers. Now all human organizations should be come before Israeli soldiers and asked them to stop their tyrant activities. There are many organizations who are working for the welfare of human but for Palestine there is no one.

Israeli soldiers mass killed Children in Palestine

Alas, it would impossible for all those organizations as they also did not talks against those from there they get funds. They can start talking against all those countries which are not bonded with First World Countries. They can also talk about Muslim countries either they are not involved in any tyrant activities.

Firstly, they were involved in making tyrant activities against the youngsters but now they have started to massacre all little birds (children). Actually they have started to worry after a survey in which they found as sons are being born at large ratio in Palestine. They have been mad as how is it possible. After getting report they started to slay children so that they could not face problem when they would nourish young.

On the other hand, all human organizations are silent and are not able to say anything against Israel. They seem helpless and fearful against them. Contrary, they started to speak against any Muslim country when they get any news of intolerance in Muslim country. They started to report at one and making propaganda against that Muslim country.

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