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Islamabad Police again hits PTI Banni Gaala

Islamabad Police again hits PTI Banni Gaala
پنجاب پولیس آگئی میدان میں !! بنی گالہ کے باہر کارکنوں پر تشدد کا سلسلہ پھر سے شروع، نالے میں گرا کر مارا جا رہا ہے

See the Islamabad police launched crackdown on PTI workers and Media persons outside Banni Gaala. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) planning a massive anti-government protest used to be raided by means of police Thursday as government banned all public gatherings in Islamabad for two months. Police raided a youth conference for PTI, charging activists with batons and arresting dozens of people. PTI Chairman Imran Khan is because of lead the protest on November 2 to demand Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif step down over latest circle of relatives financial revelations.


PTI leaders have been infuriated by the police raid, additional fraying family members ahead of the deliberate protest. “The government has proved that there’s no democracy in Pakistan, it is a monarchy,” PTI member of the National Meeting Asad Umar instructed journalists from the scene. Nazish Altaf, a PTI youth leader, delivered: “We will not be deterred by arrests and extra folks will join us on November 2.”

There will be a heavy police presence in Islamabad to deter protesters with disagreement now showing inevitable. Sharif is below rising power from opposition events over his youngsters’s offshore financial institution accounts that were found out within the Panama Papers leak.

“This will be a decisive and historic accumulating, other people will come in conjunction with resolve to carry the prime minister responsible,” Khan informed newshounds beforehand of the raid. But a notification Thursday banned gatherings in the capital for two months as a result of protests have been “more likely to threaten public peace and tranquility, result in public annoyance or injury, endanger human lifestyles and safety”.

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