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Islam Has Same Criteria For Marriage Watch Clip

Islam Has Same Criteria For Marriage Watch Clip

No matter you are in your property to live in Dubai or passing your days in hotel rooms in London, Islam gives you the complete code of life. There are the direction of having a baby until the funeral of a Muslim. Unfortunately, our young generation has so far disappeared from fundamental teachings of Islam, that they are not less than misguided as camels in the desert.

Islam Has Same Criteria For Marriage Watch Clip

Marriage is the most important thing in everyone’s life and our religion are complete sense to this so that every Muslim can live a happy married life. The majority of Muslim youth, especially in London is growing and financial center of the Middle East in Dubai, have no idea about teaching and preaching about marriage.

Our religion is ultra modern code of life as it provides all human need and desire. There is no restriction for every person to seek the pleasure in worldly things, but it has some limitations. These limits are for our own good as you can see young people out of control going during her trips to London or Dubai.

Islam has no ambiguity in any of his teachings. The same is with the marriage of the case because it has one thing in the witness Allah is explained. There are dozens of Ayat and Hadiths about this pure relationship. For his modern approach to financial matters, social interactions and family life, it is growing rapidly in London.

Some of the young people to manipulate the institution of marriage, as you are looking for London immigration through this. This joke is totally unacceptable as such pure relationship can not be contaminated for some money. Our religion has so much emphasis on this relationship, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) addressed parents, given to married after reaching a certain age their children.

This was also said that if an unmarried adult commits a sin, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of parents. It is an authentic hadith, the Prophet gave instructions in about choosing a woman for marriage. Similarly, Islam directed to treat men to women with love and kindness after marriage.

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Today it is the time that every young man and woman should be comprehensive of marital relationships are made available, so that no one must sin due to ignorance. It has seminars on this subject, just as business and financial conduct meetings in Dubai and London.

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