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ISIS Young Muslim Children Army Training Afghanistan

ISIS Young Muslim Children Army Training Afghanistan

داعش نے مسلمان بچوں کو ٹریننگ کی ویڈیو جاری کر دی؛ دیکھیں کیسے معصوم پھولوں کو درندہ بنایا جا رہا ہے

The world famous hooligan organization is found to be established in the country Afghanistan. They have started to recruit children for their unholy purposes by using the name of Islam. They decided to come in Afghanistan as they knew as they would face very less opposition there. According to international media, they also have provided some footage in which it clearly depicts as they have been in Afghanistan.

ISIS Young Muslim Children Army Training Afghanistan

It is obviously devastating not only for Afghanistan but also for the neighboring countries including Pakistan, China, Iran and all those who want to be calm in the region. According to international media, the move is only due to the departure of American troops from Afghanistan. As American officials has announced as they are leaving Afghanistan as soon as possible.

They have started to convert the schools of children into their own training campus which is very sorrowful. This organization firstly destroys the calm and tranquility of Syria and Iraq and now they have charged for Afghanistan.  International media especially European Media is spreading the news about the transition of this hooligan group to Afghanistan.

They are getting leading position in this news as there are many other countries which can directly affect with this move but they are still silent. They further mention as they are doing the same as they have done in the Syria and Iraq. They are preparing to children for their purposes which are not good. They are teaching them how to fight and how they can make big loss while brawling.

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