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ISIS women harsh treatment towards Girls

ISIS women harsh treatment towards Girls

شام میں موجود دایش کا بازار جہاں کر عمر، نسل اور زبان کی لڑکی فروخت کی جاتی ہے

ISIS is an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It is a salafi jihadadist militant group. ISIS follows an Islamic Wahabi doctrine of sunni Islam. They are also known as ‘Daesh’.

ISIS women harsh treatment towards Girls

This group referred itself as an Islamic state. ISIS is a very cruel group and its founder is Masab al-Zarqawi. The fighters of ISIS are doing cruelty with people in Syria and Iraq in the name of Islam. The brutality of ISIS is increasing with the passage of time. They are treating the women very harshly. Recently a woman has been caught by ISIS.

She was asking for forgiveness from her father but her father refused to forgive her. The woman was then tied to death. ISIS also uploaded the video of this woman before she was stoned to death. Women in Syria and Iraq are treated very harshly by ISIS fighters. They have imposed strick rules on Muslim women and are asked to cover their bodies and faces.

While those women who are non-Muslims cam be treated with impunity. Some Syrian women were interviewed recently by United States. These women told the media that they were abducted by ISIS fighters.

They were hounded from their houses and their men were killed by the fighters. The women and young girls were taken out by the ISIS fighters. oung girls of 12 and 13 years were also present among them. Those fighters separate the young girl from those who were married. These women were unaware what was happened with those young girls.

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