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Is This Type of Sacrifice of Animal Allowed in Islam Watch Clip

Is This Type of Sacrifice of Animal Allowed in Islam Watch Clip

Animal sacrifice is the ritual killing and offering of an animal to appease or maintain favour with a deity. Such forms of sacrifice are practised within many religions around the world and have appeared historically in almost all cultures. All or only part of a sacrificial animal may be offered, especially in the context of ritual slaughter.

Is This Type of Sacrifice of Animal Allowed in Islam Watch Clip

Many Jewish sources discuss the deeper meaning behind korbanot. For example, Sefer Hachinuch explains that an individual bringing an animal sacrifice for a sin understands that he personally should have been sacrificed as punishment for the rebellion against God inherent in his sin, but God mercifully accepts the sacrifice in his or her place. Furthermore, it is considered fitting that an animal is used as a sacrifice because at the moment of sin, the individual in question disregarded his elevated human soul, effectively acting as an animal.

In Kapparot, a rooster is sacrificed on the afternoon before Yom Kippur. The purpose of the sacrifice being the expiation of the sins of the man as the chicken symbolically receives the man’s sins, which is based on the reconciliation of Isaiah 1:18 in the Hebrew Bible.

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Animal sacrifice was instituted in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Strangite), a minor Latter Day Saint faction founded by James J. Strang in 1844. Strang’s Book of the Law of the Lord (1851) deals with the topic of animal sacrifice in chapters 7 and 40.

Given the prohibition on sacrifices for sin contained in III Nephi 9:19-20 (Book of Mormon), Strang did not require sin offerings. Rather, he focused on sacrifice as an element of religious celebrations,especially the commemoration of his own coronation as king over his church, which occurred on July 8, 1850.The head of every house, from the king to his lowest subject, was to offer “a heifer, or a lamb, or a dove. Every man a clean beast, or a clean fowl, according to his household.”

While the killing of sacrifices was a prerogative of Strangite priests,female priests were specifically barred from participating in this aspect of the priestly office.”Firstfruits” offerings were also demanded of all Strangite agricultural harvests.Animal sacrifices are no longer practiced by the Strangite organization, though belief in their correctness is still required.

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