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International Students Faced Problem in Asian Countries

International Students Faced Problem in Asian Countries

TV anchor Talat Hussain few months have a special program in which he to London. He was a special episode in which he covers the problems of international students from Asian countries face cover. He was on the problems faced by Pakistani students focus girls.

International Students Faced Problem in Asian Countries

London is one of the largest cities in population. The majority of the population in London are the foreigners who traveled thousands of miles to find better opportunities. International students from underdeveloped countries to travel here, so that they can get a degree that is in the millions in the country and also to earn some money.

Unfortunately, the situation for girls is not as good. Boys can even survive on the road, as the security situation in London is satisfactory. But the student not sleep, if they do not do on the streets about jobs.

London has education as the most profitable industry. Hundreds of thousands of students travel to London. They bring heavy sums of the fees, but it is very expensive to study, and to survive, if not a job to do. The student girl, if not, to find jobs are forced to stay with unknown people.

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This is a bitter reality of the students in London that girls no money and no way to go, have to take this innocent girl to escape with unknown men have. You take on tasks such as floor cleaner and babysitter on cash on hand jobs. That they are allowed to sleep in the same apartment. Not to mention what happens next!

The mistake lies decision to go abroad to study, if you. Not have sufficient funds in your accounts Only a millionaire can study his child and living in London, as the price of living is very high and make the tax is very high.

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