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Influence of Indian Cable Channels On Youth Watch Clip

Influence of Indian Cable Channels On Youth Watch Clip

The advancement in technology has completely changed the world. The distances and differences are removed from the technology, whether the differences of cultural or religious activities. The way technology has such a promotion is truly amazing, and are not ignored. It has become difficult to be lost at the beginning in the world.


Advances such as Internet, social media and cable TV has the distances as people are used before the advancement of technology have removed. It was difficult to each other but now changed the scenario by letter headings and expensive phone calls and easy to communicate even for the illiterate.

The video although divided hold the advancement in technology, but we need to in the statement of the opinion that everything in this world has positive and negative aspects that can not be ignored. There was a time when American television was going to the market. And before her sale procedures were so many books written against him.

Watch Clip:

The largest item in the books was written against television that a generation is born, whose religion is television. You grow up watching television, which form the perception of the outside world. This is a case, shared in the video that showed made people aware.

A reporter called Mahrukh Qureshi is exposing the bad influence of the Indian media on Pakistani youth. The trends and behaviors that followed observed by the people of Pakistan who either watch cable TV or cable TV in their homes. Its effects are evident on the exposed children especially at Indian TV channel.

They share this awareness video with those who are in your area victim of such Indian channels and are not aware of it, because the support of those around you is your duty as a brother and muslin as well aware of the Company. No problem is low; perform your role to solve it.

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