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Indian Girl Rights Violation Facing Domestic Problems

Indian Girl Rights Violation Facing Domestic Problems

Violate women’s rights is a serious problem that is reported from all over the world. Women’s rights violations are increasingly critical with the time passing. Of the girls in India as in London tortured bothered her the same everywhere.

Indian Girl Rights Violation Facing Domestic Problems

In Russia, Europe and other countries, many women with different professions forced disrespectful to the West. Dream, dominant The man led him to serious women’s rights violations.

A true man never hit a woman and never disrespect her. Only those people who want to hide their internal weakness, use these abusive actions.Here is an example of how a women’s rights are damaged in domestic life. A brother caught his sister that they speak on the phone with someone, and what he did after that is barbaric and a non-human treatment.

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If you have a pet animal at home, a good man will not even hit his pet. But girls are really shy, sweet and cute creatures of God. You have so much importance in the lives of so many men. But the ruling class of men they do not lead to something human.

Women’s rights is not only born a problem, but it will be on for centuries. Since human life has begun the men have dominated this world and they have used women. But with the right training, women can also be useful to society.

It is also not a point is useful or not. Its all about the human right. A person who is always born into this world, either man or woman has the same rights.

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