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Indian Four Man Beating One Women Watch Clip

Indian Four Man Beating One Women Watch Clip

India is becoming famous now days because of many reasons. One of those reasons is violence against women. Men dominate the Indian society. That’s why you hear many messages come in the international media of savagery on women.

Indian Four Man Beating One Women Watch Clip

Here is an example in video. You will see four men beating a woman, this should not happen, even if they are guilty, what then should solved problem at home, instead of you doing it the road in front of other people.

They all hold sticks in their hands and constantly pounded without fear. This is just one example of the Indian woman. Turbulence on women in Indian society is increasing day by day, and the reason is the dominance of people are.

There should be equality in rights in any society. The best example can be seen in the western media. One should here and there running for justice. Now I doubt by seeing this video Indian society will be able to do equity.

Watch Clip:

You are looking at a woman reprehensible. They will even go further and investigation against woman and ask her what she was doing to make men mad at them. Torture will rise to her, and believe me, that’s not the only incident where the Indian society into account a responsible women. In fact, you will see hundreds of cases on a daily basis.

They did not show control of their media on these incidents on air, but they can not control social media, now.

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