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Indian Couple horrible Stunt Never Seen Before

Amazing Indian Couple horrible Stunt

 کھیل میں اپنی بیوی کا سر دھر سے الگ کر دیا خوفناک ویڈیو دیکھیں

There are certain horrible games which put at risk to lives but people cannot quit them. Those ones put their lives on risk on daily basis just to earn money for them and their children. One of couple is also involved in those games in which they have risks for their lives every time. They show different tricks to people and earned money.

First of all, female shows some trick when she offers herself for different tricks. Her copartners put some wooden pieces on her head and then break all pieces with robust hammer. In the next, she has one of coconut piece at her arm and let her companion to strike over it with strike. In this way, he also breaks to coconut without hurting to female.

Actually both are wife and husband with her children. They both work hard for earning money by this way. They work place to place and city to city for earning their livelihood. There are also many people who earn by adopting this profession. It always looks difficult to perform like this but they have been addicted to it and did not feel any trouble. According to that female she wanted to just break the rules as female could not do something different?

According to her she also wanted to be famous quickly and it was the better option to earn fame as early as possible. She also proves herself as she can do everything as people can see it in the given video. Her husband is also very happy about her life partner as she becomes her arm in the field of earning. According to him if she did not join me I have to enroll another man which would definitely demand for earning part. In this way, his earning divided into parts which became difficult for surviving for them.

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