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Indian Army troopers crushed Kashmiri peoples

Indian Army troopers crushed Kashmiri peoples

Indian Army Police crushed Kashmiri peoples
Indian Army Police crushed Kashmiri peoples

Kashmir has been a political conflict since the time it shifted its governance base from the Dogra rule to India, almost sixty years old. For long it has been ignored in the mainstream politics in India, reducing the Indian extended rule in Kashmir to a pure occupational hegemony. The tumultuous conditions, in which the people have been subjected to live, have reduced the value of human life. Violence has become the part of the social fabric. The heavy daunting militarization which is to guard the boundaries has crept into the local dialect and comprises of people’s childhood memories. The total disregard for life and human rights is visible everywhere, so much so even the freedom of expression and protest is curbed. The memory has played a vital role in keeping alive the lost ones and aggravating the sentiment.  The civilian population was the worst affected during the 1989’s armed struggle in Kashmir as it became a deliberate target to India’s counter-terrorism strategy. But even after the peace was thought to have prevailed in the valley, the civilian deaths and the cold blooded murders by the Indian army have continued in one or the other way. The latest uprising or mass people’s movement is also instigated by such incidents that are locally regarded as unjust and repressive.

The recent uprising

The year 2010 is marked as the ‘year of teenage killings’ in Kashmir for the reasons that are obvious to its people. Since January 2010, 25 civilians have been killed by the Indian troopers so far. Reoccurrence of such incidents often forces people to take to streets. The common man on the street interprets such killings as genocide. The current state politics has moved in a deadly direction from June 2010, where the State of Jammu and Kashmir headed by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has almost declared a death sentence over the entire Kashmir valley.  While making statements about the present situation during a Press conference held on 29th June 2010, Abdullah along with the central government authorities gave a clean chit to CRPF who supported by black laws like AFSPA have been violating the basic right to life of people in Kashmir. The State government asked people to desist from protesting against the deaths of the youth and has imposed a stringent curfew all over the valley.

The Indian national media portrayed the people’s uprising as something instigated by the Pakistan based mentors like ISI and lashkar e toiba, completely sidelining the issues at hand. By painting the present situation in Kashmir as a ‘conspiracy against his government’ he has given an impression as if the protests and blood that is daily being spilled on the streets of Kashmir is only to unstable his government. While his recent statement gives more teeth to his troopers. In the recent move the chief minister has called in more army to fight the civilian population unarmed after losing young people are resisting the troopers.

First victim and the killing spree:

The military rage of the Indian troopers started to sharpen and resolved into regular tiffs with the boys in every nook and corner of the Valley. However, the first victim of the troopers became Inayat Khan, a 16 year old boy who was shot dead by the troopers on 8th Jan, 2010. Inayath was a bright student and had just passed his ‘A’ level exams with wonderful grades.

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